MMASE products target production, collaboration, and communication issues faced by businesses today. We are dedicated to deliver products to achieve operation efficiency by managing the automation of business processes through our experience in developing cross functional communication and collaboration applications.

Desktop Applications

Our desktop applications provide full-blown user experience through native application installations on the user’s machine. Desktop applications are offered in different flavors:

·         Full-Fledged desktop applications targeted at administration and data migration needs through customized and robust administrative and data related libraries.

·         Integrated Tools that are built on top of other Full-Fledged desktop applications like ESRI’s ArcMap® and Ericsson Network Engineer® to support day to day activities through providing productivity and maintainability enhancements to the end users.


Web Applications

Our web-based applications are targeted at client looking for a seamless multi-user communication and collaboration interface exposing their business processes and value chains through the convenience of their web browsers. Web enabled applications that we offer provide a rich user experience built using the latest Web 2.0 standards. The range of services we can offer through our web applications ranges from interactive reporting tools to online decision support systems.

Mobile Applications


Our mobile applications are the solution to problems our clients face while on the go. By supporting all the different mobile platforms we provide mobile applications that integrate with the desktop and web counterparts to increase portable productivity..