MMASE Operation Methodology

We believe that our success relies on sharing our clients' business goals to ensure that our services meet their business objectives. The key to successful marketing is to make our clients visualize the service we are excelling at which goes beyond expectations.

MMASE Design Model

MMASE technical project managers and analysts work with key business users to understand project needed processes and workflows; this enables our team to get an accurate picture of how the organization runs and what the client hopes to accomplish.

MMASE Development Model

At MMASE we use the agile development methodology in our implementation and delivery models; for the following reasons:

·         The ability to adapt to unpredictable changes in business requirements.

·         Project deliverables are modularized and delivered in phases with a detailed design and analysis conducted throughout the process with on-going follow up and feedback.

·         Clients get faster results, monitor and provide feedbacks in the project's early stages to avoid loss of effort and time and eliminating the risk of re-work.

MMASE Delivery Model

We provide the following benefits through our delivery model:

·         Quicker project implementations. (Adopting agile methodology and Scrum model).

·         Elimination of communication issues between the client and the technical team through a collaboration portal where all project artifacts can be shared.

·         Our client-facing technical project manager is the single point of accountability for any inquires, fewer counterparts mean less communication problems and information loss.

·         No more headaches and high cost of hiring or assigning internal project managers to manage projects;MMASE project managers do this job instead of the client.

·         We also offer training materials on our project deliverables to minimize the cost of additional needed training for new end users.