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Company Overview


MMASE for Telecom  Industry is a regional Telecom solutions company committed to achieving technology efficiency and business profitability to its clients.

The MMASE commitment is accomplished through constant innovation, holistic solutions delivery and exceptional user support.


MASE is committed to keep introducing to its clients its new innovative services and solutions to reach excellence and increase profitability.

We are always seeking to create telecom and software solutions to solve complex business problems.

Make sure to jump in and check out the latest services related telecom industry world.

Latest News

  • MMASE partners with Ericsson to complete 4G and other RF projects with STC. 
  • MMASE partners with NSN to complete 4G and other RF projects with STC.
  • MMASE partners with ZTE to complete 4G and other RF projects with STC.
  • MMASE has successfully completed development of MMASE-Spare part management.
  • MMASE has completed the development for accounting desktop tools for small to medium shops.